Mike In a Hammock as a bed

Camping Basics Part 1 Episode 95

Mike In a Hammock as a bed camping basics
Mike In a Hammock


Camping Basics Part 1

Camping Basics

This is a solo week after the two week break. James got hit with a sore throat and couldn’t talk and Mike went to Disney Land. I am back with a show on camping. I cover a few of the basics of camping in this part 1.

The focus of part one is on shelters and fire. I cover a few of the types of shelter and their strengths and weaknesses. Ending on why everyone should just own a hammock.

In the fire section I talk about how to make a fire. What tools to use, favorite tinder. I talk about two methods of building a fire. My prefered way is to build a fire teepee. For me it just works the best.



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