Baking in the Bathroom – Oil and Salt


OIL  I’m talking plant oils here, so no mineral oil, petroleum, etc.  There are tons to choose from, all having different nutrients and properties to offer.  I generally use/start with Olive Oil simply because it’s abundant in this house, but I have used Grapeseed Oil (lighter, good for damaged skin), Coconut oil (solid at room temp, great alone as a skin moisturizer), and Jojoba (closest to human sebum) to name a few.  Drop by your local grocery store to get started right away.  When you are ready to expand your collection, check out Mountain Rose Herbs for more.

SALT  Yeah, salt.  This article is mostly about oil, but salt does a great job of exfoliating rough/dry skin.  There are many gourmet salts on the market, but plain old NaCl will do.  You could branch out with sea salt (it’s softer) and epsom salt (not for consumption), but this is about using what you have, so, use what you have!

I don’t have any cleaning recipes with Salt or Oil, but I do use them extensivly for bathing. All of these recipes are very simple and take minutes to throw together. They are awesome as is, but even more so when you experiment and customize to your liking.


Hair Treatment  Coat your hair and scalp in 1/2 c Olive Oil. Cover you hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap and let sit for half an hour. The heat from your head will help it penetrate. You could also blast it with a hairdryer and/or wrap your head (cap and all) in a warm towel. Wash as normal.


Face Cleanser  I am a huge fan of the Oil Cleansing MethodCrunchy Betty has a great article about it. I know we’ve been told to keep oil as far from our faces as possible for so long it just seems wrong, but it works. The castor oil and the steaming brings everything to the surface. It’s a mini spa treatment, daily. You start with a blend Castor Oil (cleansing oil) and Olive Oil (moisturizing oil), but this is one of those things you can completely customize for your skin.


Oily – 2 parts Castor Oil and 1 pasrt Olive Oil
Normal – 1 part Castor Oil and 1 part Olive Oil
Dry – 1 part Castor Oil and 2 parts Olive Oil

Combine oils in a squirt/nozzle bottle for ease and to prevent messes. Shake well before each use.

Rub a quarter size amount onto dry skin and massage for 1-2 minutes. I have read castor oil is good for hair, so feel free to (gently) include your eye area. When done massaging, run a washcloth under the hottest water you can stand. Squeeze out the washcloth and drape over your face until the cloth cools to room temperature. Wipe your face gently with the washcloth, rinse and repeat. Wipe oil off using cool water.

As with most skin products, it will not be perfect right away. Have patience. You WILL have softer, more moisturized skin, but you might experience a break out as your skin gets used to a new regimen. If you are acne prone, you can add Tea Tree Oil to fight bacteria.


  • Start with less castor oil than you think you need; using too much can be drying.
  • In some cases, dry or oily skin may actually be caused by over-cleansing or over-stimulation. Since this method does not strip natural oils, the skin should balance to it’s natural state.
  • Make sure you get all of the excess oil off, especially if you live in a hot and/or humid climate. When wet, you skin will still be slick, but once dry, it should not feel oily. Left-over oil will lead to clogged pores.


Bath/Body Oil  I love this and I use it almost everyday. I don’t have to worry about applying lotion after my shower, which is awesome, becasue for some reason I always forget. Pick your favorite oil (I use Olive Oil) and add essential oils to create a personal scent. Add 10-20 drops EO to 1 c carrier oil. To use, either add a few tablespoons to your bath, or slather it on at the end of your shower.


Body Scrub  I use this once or twice a week, concentrating on knees, elbows and feet. The salt thoroughly gets rid of rough patches, and you can use most any oil you like the texture of.


1 c Salt
1/2 c Olive Oil
5-10 drops essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a water tight container and keep at your tub. To use, simply scoop a little out and scrub away!

*Salt scrubs are excellent for the body, but I would suggest not using it on your face.*


These are all very basic recipes, use them as a canvas to expand upon.  Throw in things like Citrus Zest or a bag of Green Tea. Seriously. Go crazy.  Have fun!

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