National Preparedness Month Giveaways

I have a huge announcement for you today. September is National Preparedness Month. It was conceived in 2004 by Fema to promote becoming more prepared. I like to use this time to assess how my preps are coming along and work on shoring up any holes in my plans. What it means for you is prizes! Many of them, instead of my normal writing schedule this month we will do a daily giveaway of some amazing prizes. Entering is simple and tailored to the prize you want. Let me tell you what I’ll be giving away, how you can win and who to thank for giving it to you.

Prize Pile

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Tin Foil Thursday

I don’t get into conspiracy theory’s and all the craziness that comes with them. Not anymore anyway. When I was younger I loved all the conspiracy theories and unexplained mysteries. I could not get enough bigfoot sightings, UFO’s, Atlantis and Government cover ups. Being rational and logical won out and I grew tired of the scene.  I felt that anything with THAT MUCH coverage and investigations would turn up some sort of hard factual evidence. Unless I see a big foot corpse and an autopsy report (and not a fake video like the Alien Autopsy one) I’m calling B.S. Not that I think we know everything. I willing to accept that there are still mysteries out there that will be solved. Today for fun I’m going to talk about a few conspiracies found so put on your Tin Foil hat and have a laugh.

Photo By James Provost


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Mid-Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair

Over the weekend I got a chance to attend the Mid-Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair put on by the  Short Mountain Repeater Club. I have been excited about this event since I first heard about it.  I Always enjoy meeting up with like minded locals. Finding some good deals wasn’t bad either.  I got a change to chat with a few people that I had only  spoken to online. All in all a good time let me share some photos with you.

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Velcoro Backed Batter Holder

After all the cooking post’s I’ve done this week I though It was time to get out of the kitchen and do something manly! So today we sew! That’s right we will be dusting off (literally in my case) and make something quick easy and useful. Today I’m going to show you how to make a battery holder.

Elastic Battery Holder

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