Buck Hoodlum survival knife

Picking a Survival Knife Episode 93

Buck Hoodlum survival knife
Buck Hoodlum




Picking A Survival Knife

This week Mike and I tackle picking a survival knife. We focus on how to find the right knife or blade system for your area. Not all systems work well everywhere. Jeff Radtke in Wisconsin has little need of a machete. Just like carrying an axe in Florida isn’t the best.

After location budget is the next big concern in picking a survival knife. You should get the best knife you can afford. It needs to be one of, if not the most, expensive items in your kit. Not saying you can not get by with a $17 Mora. In fact you should definitely own one. If you break on, which is hard to do, you aren’t out much money.

The knife is your main tool and should be high quality. I would not be happy to have my life depend on a cheap knife. You can’t take your money to the grave. I have a few hundred in my knives and they are all quality.

We list off a few recommendations. Knives that I have owned and used. We also talk about some to avoid.



Safety Hazard Big Survival Knives

Big Survival Knives

There are two kinds of survivalist in this world. Ones that use big survival knives and ones that uses axes. You may have them both but generally prefer one. I am a big survival knife guy. I’ve never cared much for axes. I’ve used a few and will use one often in the future. ┬áIn fact I just bought my first axe. It will not be going out camping with me ever. I prefer to use big survival knives to process wood. Let me share some of the reasons why with you.


Buck Hoodlum big survival knives
Buck Hoodlum



Cheap and Good?!

Recently I put out on article on Not buying Shit. Usually shit is cheaper than the quality gear you want so you compromise. But does it ever work out the something can be cheap and good? Yes! Today I’m going to show you one such piece of gear that I got for dirt cheap and could not be happier with it.



Pathfinder Trade Knife


I got a chance to take out the new Pathfinder trade knife from Habilis Bush Tools designed by Dave Canterbury. The knife is made from 1095 high carbon steel. The blade length is 5 inches long for an overall length of 9 1/2 inches. It features a 1/8″ thick blade. The handle scales are tiger orange G-10 with holes for making a spear and a bow drill divot. The blade come with a con-vexed scandi grind. The knife come with a handmade leather sheath. Its 100% made is the U.S.A. All that for a $99 price tag!



Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Review

After a week or so of testing I’m going to review my work Sharp tool and knife Sharpener (WSKTS).

When you get a Work sharp it comes with the WSKTS,instruction manual, DVD, guides and two sets of abrasive belts. It comes with a guide for kitchen knives and one that does most other knives, scissors and the back of a serrated knife. There is no guide for sharpening a scandi grind blade however. Scandi’s are the easiest to sharpen though. And I’ll be experimenting on sharpening a mora on the WSKTS without a guide to see if it can be done.