Mini 12 Wood Stove

Wood Stoves For a Tiny House

I like wood heat. I like the dry heat from it. The way it soaks into you. I like the sound of wood crackling. I love to watch the flames dance. I want a wood burning stove in my tiny house. This is proving  a difficult search though. If money was no option I know what I would buy. I live in the real world though and I have a budget. A small one.

Even here in the south heat is important. I don’t want to go cheap and freeze. I don’t want to a shoddy stove that burns me down either. My tiny house is 12×20 so a normal sized stove is too much heat. Although easy to find on craigslist they are too big. I don’t have the space for something to eat up that much room. I’ve done some research that I will share with you.

Kimberly Wood Stove
Kimberly Wood Stove

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Wood Stove Winter Prepping

Winter Prepping Tips To Survive the Cold

Winter is coming. The temperatures are dropping fast. Hoodies are coming out. Pumpkin spice everything has arrived. From all the reports I’ve seen this winter will be the worst in 20 years. 

Even my beloved Tennessee is going to get colder. Much colder. Glad I chose this year for my off-grid adventure. 

Winter brings a whole new facet to prepping. Many things need doing to get ready for winter. In the winter you need to change out your  Bug Out Bag. Car kits need upgrading for the cold. 

 If you have not already started, you’re behind. Today let’s look at some considerations for winter prepping.



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