Going Off The Grid By Gary Collins First Thoughts

Going Off The Grid By Gary Collins First Thoughts Video



Going Off The Grid By Gary Collins First Thoughts



This week I got my hands on my friend Gary Collings New book, Going Off The Grid. Unlike most of my u

Unlike most of my unboxing videos, I wasn’t sent this book. You always want to support your friends so I bought this copy as soon as It was available. 

Like many of us, Gary got the bug to live a simpler life. And luckily for us, he has documented the whole process. 

In Going Off The Grid: The How-To Book Of Simply Living and Happiness, he provides a step-by-step guide for how to find a private piece of land and build a self-sustaining home. 

This doesn’t come from research alone but from experience. Gary has been building an off-grid home in northeast Washington state. 

You can watch some of the trials and tribulations on his Youtube channel.

Learning from others troubles can save you time and money. And from honest upfront people. 

If you watch many of the DIY tv shows you will have an unrealistic view of the process. Building an off grid home takes a lot of time and effort.

The reward is worth it, though. 

So if you are thinking about living a simpler less hectic lifestyle this is the book for you. Pick it up now before you need the info in here. 

Are you off the Grid? Wanting To Be? Let me know about your plans in the comments!





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How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor

How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor For Cheap

How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor
How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor



How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor

Today I have not one but two youtube videos for you. You get a DIY build video on How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor and then the test shooting of that DIY ballistics plate. 

I really want a real body armor plate. I also want to shoot the hell out of one. There in lies my problem. If I had a ballistics plate, like the great guys at AR500 (hint hint) I would want it for a SHTF scenario. But I also want to try to destroy one as well. 


DIY 2 Survive!

My solution is to build and show you How To Build A DIY Ballistics Plate Body Armor. Will it be as good as a professionally made one? Nope. Will it stop a bullet? Hell yes, it will! I don’t recommend you building one of these and going out to fight ISIS. In a SHTF I would wear one of my DIY ballistic plates over wearing nothing. 

The cost for this was around $30. I used a steel I-beam piece, a ceramic floor tile, duck tape and a can of plastidip. This thing is heavy as shit.  And tough as a hell. 

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James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

Survivalpunk Episode 100 Celebration

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases
James and Mike


Episode 100

Today we have our episode 100 celebration podcast. In this episode we bring back every segment we have had on the show over the years. We have special guests in the pod cave this week. We are joined by Producer Mikes Wife and Serenity Moonbeam.

We talk about survival uses for a broken fridge. Mike talks about his Survival Show pick of the week. We play The worst case scenario game and a round of Conflicted.

The permaculture minute is on Bamboo.

We take the time to thank all of the guest we’ve had on the show. We give a special thanks to Jeff Radtke from the Lost Skills Podcast for being most interviewed and the only guest host ever.

We talk about how  I will be killed off in an upcoming novel.

We have a great time celebrating the first 100 episodes and hope you all did too. Here’s to the next 100!








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Launching The Survivalpunk Army

First let me wish each of you a Happy July 4th today. I felt a there was a symbolism to launching my membership program on independence day.  That this day was the perfect day for rolling out the oft thought about membership program I wanted to do.  I knew when I started Survivalpunk that it felt right. We’ve had some ups and downs but I’m still here and many of you are still. Survivalpunk was meant to be my path to freedom. I decided that it was time to stop over thinking it and put it out there. I suffer from some crippling perfectionism on times and that held up this for too long.  No time is ever the right time but now feels damn right. So let me explain what the heck this Survivalpunk Army, SPA, is all about. What you get and why you should join.



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Survivalpunk Podcast Episode #14

Join James and Mike
Join James and Mike


Join James and Mike today as they discuss topics such as Obama’s plan to use military against citizens, 14 common food prep mistakes, 5 common paleo diet mistakes, the solo stove  and our main show topic all about Every Day Carry. They talk about the philosophy behind EDC, how you can ensure you are actually carrying EVERY DAY, some items they carry and what they no longer carry.




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