Snow Covered Trees Calories For Winter

Calories For Winter Prepping

Snow Covered Trees Calories For Winter
Snow Covered Trees  by Rob Young


In this second part to the Winter prepping series we talk about calories. In the cold you will burn more calories. You need to make sure you count for that in your preps. I have a few thoughts on storing calories for winter. Like we talk about not all calories are  equal. You will not find advice here to store up on Twinkies. Twinkies are not fit for human consumption. The only reason to store them is for barter with Woody Harrelson.

In fact we can come out of winter beach ready. Last year over winter I lost 30 pounds to get down to High school weight. Calories for winter prepping can help you or hurt you. I’ll show you how to not only store the most possible calories but to store the healthiest. Let’s jump right into Calories for Winter Prepping.

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