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Episode-30- Homestead Introduction

James and Mike Dual Homestead
James and Mike




First of all today is a landmark episode for us. Today is episode number 30 of the Survivalpunk podcast. It has been a blast so far. Mike and I are just getting warmed. Join us today as we talk about the new Dual Homestead Project. Other topics discussed are: The Oklahoma beheading. FBI say’s no one killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. How’s Mikes journey into paleo? 20 terrifying facts food companies don’t want you to know. MPowered Luci Lantern is the gadget punk of the week. Ben Law is the permaculture minute. The wild edible of the week is passion fruit.


Dual Homestead
Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead is the new project David Nash from The Shepherd School and I are working on. We both are big DIY advocates. That might be where our similarities end though.

Have you ever wanted to drop everything and leave the rat-race?
Everyone has….
Nobody does….
Meet David and James, two Tennessee Preppers carving out a homestead with virtually no budget, no support, and no backing down.
Both are rugged individualists,
Experts in their fields,
But they have widely different knowledge, skills, attitudes, and goals.
Can a Punk Anarchist dedicated to green living coexist with a gun toting ultra conservative?
Can an overweight bookworm keep up with a crossfit disciple?
Can they do the impossible without killing each other?
Meet James, owner of Survivalpunk.com
James came to prepping from his experience as a homeless teen , thrives on a paleo diet, is deeply involved with sustainable living, comes to the homestead to get in touch with Nature and become food self-reliant .
David is a former Marine and author of several preparedness related materials, his company, Shepherd School has trained firearm instructors for the past decade. His work as a professional emergency manager showed him how fragile the system is and his goal is to prepare a defensible off grid homestead to protect his family in the event of a catastrophic societal collapse…
Before they build they have to demolish the remnants of the former occupants…
James wants to recycle to materials to make a mobile tiny house; Dave just wants to blow it up…
How will they decide what to do, How to do it, and what compromises, hacks, and DIY tricks will they have to use to carve a farm out of the forest…



Links For Today

Oklahoma Beheading.

FBI say no on killed at Sandy Hook.

20 Terrifying facts food companies don’t want you to know

Mpowered Luci Solar Lantern

Passion Fruit

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