6 Nutrition Myths That Are Wrong, nutrition, weight loss, nutrition myths, fat makes you fat, salt is bad for you,

6 Nutrition Myths That Are Wrong And You Need To Stop! Especially #3

6 Nutrition Myths That Are Wrong, nutrition, weight loss, nutrition myths, fat makes you fat, salt is bad for you,
6 Nutrition Myths That Are Wrong

6 Nutrition Myths That Are Wrong And You Need To Stop

I hear a lot of stupid nutrition myths that are wrong. Everyone you run into is a nutritionist these days. It doesn’t matter that they are 300+ pounds and have diabetes. One of the rules I live by is to never take advice from those less successful than you. If Rich Froning wants to tell me about nutrition I’m getting out my notebook. If, however, an obese guy is trying to tell me that bacon is bad for you, he can get lost. 

For the most part, science is getting better at nutritional studies. In the past and probably still to this day numbers are fudged to suit agendas.  The often quoted China Study is a prime example of these. Where the scientist just tossed out all the numbers that didn’t fit his model. 

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Episode 75 Survival Myths

Survival Myths
Survival Myths


Survival Myths

This week we tackle some of the biggest survival myths. Some I’m sure all of you have heard. Many will hear these myths and just keep retelling them. Everyone has heard that if you are lost look for moss growing on the north side of a tree. Which is terrible advice. In my experience moss, In Tennessee, grows on all sides if it grows.

We take on many more myths along with much more.


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Mountain Dew Lantern Survival Myth

Survival Myths From The Internet

The internet is full of bull shit. Misunderstandings and outright hoaxes. While some are harmless and fun. No one would get hurt trying to build a boulder made of legos. Myths in the survival realm could get you killed. In the past I’ve done a bit of myth busting from time to time. I’m a skeptic now and generally disbelieve everything until I try it. This leads to finding out what works and what doesn’t.  Some things are just plain dumb. So let the Myth busting begin.

Mountain Dew Lantern Survival Myths
Mountain Dew Lantern

Mountain Dew Lantern

This set off my B.S meter the first time I saw it. This survival myth was on some camping hacks list. I tried to find it to link to but don’t see it around anymore. The idea is to add baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to some Mountain Dew. The result is a chemical reaction that makes it glow. I remember the seeing that and loosing credibility in the rest of the list. There was no way that could work. None of those ingredients could produce  chemiluminescence. At the time I saw it I happened to have all those things lying around. It of course did nothing It was just another survival myth.


In TEOTWAWKI I’ll Lose Weight

Nope probably not. I’ve heard this often. I’l be fat now and when the shit hits the fan I’ll lose weight. This is usually based on having a higher workload during a collapse and living off stored food. Well if you have been following the advice of eat what you store and store what you eat probably not. You’ll be eating highly processed food. Which is why your fat now. If your not gardening now trying to start it then won’t work. Many won’t be able to make the switch. Most prepare to preserve their life style. Im sure you have entertainment backed up. Many will continue to eat and watch movies will they run out of food and are then crewed. Too late to make a change. Get fit and active now


Survival Myths

There are so many survival myths we can’t cover them all. In the past I’ve tackled some of the big ones. As new ones come up I’l be there with my survival myth busting axe to destroy them. Do you have any favorite ones? Any new ones that have just came out? Let me know in the comments.


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Moss Trees

Survival Myths That Can Get You Killed

There are so many “truths” that people hold on to that are wrong. Facts that are passed on and thrown about in conversation daily that just plain false. Most people never bother to check things out and simply accept things and begin to repeat them to others, growing the misinformation. Today I’m going to play Mythbusters and tackle a few of the more well know myths in the survival field that are plain wrong.

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