How to Squirrel Hunt with a Bow

How to Squirrel Hunt with a Bow Tips And Tricks For You

How to Squirrel Hunt with a Bow
squirrel hunting


How to Squirrel Hunt with a Bow


Learn how to squirrel hunt with a bow today with this guest post.

A good way to practice your skill or get ready for an upcoming season is to spend some time in the woods hunting squirrel. Like much small and big game, you have lots of weapon options.

Using a bow to hunt squirrel is a popular choice that requires skill and patience in order to be successful. A compound or recurve bow is a wise choice for squirrel hunting, but a compound bow could be used if you really wanted. Believe, we’ll go over tips on how to squirrel hunt with a bow.


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hunting basics

Episode 80 Hunting Basics

hunting basics
hunting basics


Hunting Basics

This week Jeff Radtke Joins me with a show on hunting basics. I intended this to be a short episode. Once again we are long winded and chased many rabbits. Jeff will help you with hunting basics at an affordable price. Many people I have seen set the price to get into hunting so high it’s hard to jump in.

We talk about the best guns and calibers to use. What gear is necessary to be able to hunt. Do you really need the fancy stuff in the sporting goods section?

What do you do once you pull the trigger? Jeff says to relax and give the deer some time to die before chasing it down.

We talk about all that and much more.

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Compound Bow

Bow Hunting Part II: Picking Out Equipment

Today I present to you the second part in Roberts Bow Hunting series. I am loving this series and learning so much. Let’s just get right to it then. -James


Picking Out Equipment

The first thing you have to consider, when picking out equipment, is your budget. You can easily find really nice used equipment for 1/3 the price of brand new equipment. When I decided to try out archery hunting I found a good used cross bow, I paid $200 with bolts and it was already sighted in, so it was ready to hunt. In Wyoming it is legal to hunt with a crossbow, in some states it is not, so check your laws before buying one. The next thing to consider is what type of bow you want to shoot. Your choices are, “traditional” recurve and long bow or “new age” compound and crossbow, there are traditional style crossbows, but I am speaking of crossbows with cams.

Traditional bows are built with a certain draw length and draw weight such as a Bear Grizzly

grizzly bear

or a Turkish long bow.

Turkish Long Bow
Turkish Long Bow

These style bows are very simple and very trust worthy. You can get a couple extra strings and a dozen arrows and you will be set up for years to come. They make recurve backpack (takedown) bows, which are very good to add to your preps because of how small you can break them down and how light they are. They are very versatile and you can take all sorts of game with them .

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Hadzabe Hunters

Archery Hunting: New Age With An Old Twist

Today I have a guest post from friend Robert Rice on archery hunting. It’s a subject I’m very interested in and have no had a chance to do yet. You can find more of Roberts work on his Facebook page Here and his website Here. So lets all go learn about it.  -James

Archery Hunting :

New Age with an old age twist

Hadzabe Hunters
Hadzabe Hunters

Well the first thing I should tell you is I’m from Wyoming, I’m 30 years old and have been archery hunting for 8 years now, but I have been hunting since I was 4. I remember one of the keys to hunting, at least when I was a kid, is to always think ahead of your game. Whatever you might be hunting you have to be thinking ahead of him thinking about where he is going not where he is, thinking about what he is going to do not what he is doing.

Now that being said there are some components out there today that can make your day in the field a lot more productive than the days of old. First thing is if you have a bow made in the 5 years you have quite an advantage over an older bow, because the bows they make now are built almost entirely for speed, and if you practice right you can take advantage of that speed by not having to get as close and not having to think as far ahead of him, and make not as true shots and still do just as much damage.

You can still buy bows that are made for more kinetic energy but they are few and far between anymore, but they are out there. My biggest piece of advice to any archery hunter is ….. You need to know the animal you are hunting, Im not talking about the type simply I am talking about the specific animal, you need to learn his habits, his patterns where he sleeps, eats, where he hangs out with the boys, where he goes chasing women. All of that will make you more aware of what he is going to do next, and more able to make the shot you have been working towards.

This post will be broken into 3 more parts because this subject is very broad hopefully I can hit the main points and help you guys out on your adventure.


  1. Picking out equipment: In this part I will go through some tips and ideas for you to get the most bang for your buck. Equipment is expensive so making your dollar go as far as you can is important.
  1. Practice : In this section we will go through a variety ways you can practice. I will even include a couple ideas you might like for making your own archery target.
  1. Scouting : In this section we will visit some reasons why you cant beat a weeks worth of scouting when archery hunting. We will also visit how learning how to archery hunt could be one of your most vital preps!


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Geocaching – A Cacher’s Overview

Today I have a guest post from a friend and former co-worker that escaped the madness. John left with his family and went further south and started blog. I asked him to do this guest post over a year ago and It is finally here. Enjoy this great write up on the hobby of geocaching. You  can find more at his blog here  -James


In July of 2012, I stumbled across a link to geocaching while looking for a cheap and fun way to celebrate my thirteenth wedding anniversary with my very lovely wife. Cheap was important to us, because we have five children and our finances prohibit many luxuries. On this website, the number one “cheap and fun” thing to do with your date was Geo-Caching. I thought to myself, “What in the world is that?” After some brief research on the subject, I became intrigued. Then after further research, I became very curious. So curious, I went out and found one to see what it was all about.


I spent about 15-20 minutes looking for that hidden thing and thought, “How in the world can this be fun? I can’t find it at all.” Well, I looked at all of the description on the cache, checked out some of the logs from previous cachers that found it, and used this information to discover it. I was forced to be sneaky because it was hidden behind an old sign outside of the Cracker Barrel next to where I worked. I didn’t want folks walking by that don’t know what Geocaching is (the folks are termed “muggles” in Geocaching circles) to think, “What’s that guy doing?” So, I quickly snuck my hand behind the sign and found a magnetic key holder and pulled it out. Inside was a simple log sheet that had dates and names on it. I happily signed my name and the date in the confines of my vehicle, and then quickly replaced it, . Following the directions, I then electronically logged the find in the geocaching system and got my first “smiley”: the term used for finding the cache. After that initial success, I was hooked.


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