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 Today I just want to share with you an interview I did recently. I was interviewed by Kyle of Rational Survival. I had a great time chatting with Kyle. He is also big into crossfit like me. We talked about the importance of fitness and nutrition in the survival community. Why Paleo is best for rational survival. Kyle had some questions about paleo. He was overthinking it like many others. You don’t need to fully understand something to do it. Follow the rules and see how you feel.

I give him a few tips on cheap and easy paleo meals to make. Not every meal has to be expensive. I make meat go further by eating smaller portions of it. I bulk out my meals with leafy greens cooked in fat. I believe in rational survival and part of that is budgeting.

Rational Survival
Rational Survival

We have a good laugh about how bad out first Crossfit workout was. Kyle was prior service military. After he got out he let his fitness slip. Hell it happens to the best of us. He knew from a rational survival standpoint he knew he needed to get back in shape. Crossfit hands down is the most effective way to increase your fitness. We also talk about our worst workouts. Mine was doing two hard wods in back to back. And my back hated me for it. We also talk about the great community to be found at Crossfit. If you find a good box, gym, you will love it. You will make great friends there that you will not find on the treadmill.

Kyle is a much more prolific podcaster than I. How he pumps out that many great podcast for rational survival I don’t know. I’ve done back to back podcasts  and it’s hard work. He’s running a contest right now as well to win 5 ounces of silver. So stop by and check him out.

If you want me to appear on a podcast let me know and I’ll get with them or if you have one drop me a line.




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