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Well Food Co Paleo MRE

For months listening to the Robb Wolf Podcast I heard him talking about the new products he was developing with John Wellborn at Well Food CO. I got impatient hearing about Carne Bars and Paleo MRE’s. I needed to know  when they coming out and Tweeted Robb about it. Well after some back and forth Tweets I ended up with a big package from Well Food Co. It was stuffed with grassfed jerky, carne bars, cookies, Paleo Mre’s and chocolate bars. I’ve not are everything yet. I sampled a small peice of the chocolate bar yesterday and it was delicious as has been everything I’ve ate so far. Today the focus is on the Paleo MRE and it’s usefulness for hiking or survival needs.


Well Food Co
Well Food Co


Paleo Mre
Paleo Mre


Paleo MRE

The Paleo MRE consist of Jerky, Pineapple and coconut. The ingredients on these are simple and delicious. A couple bullet points on them are:

  • Protein: 100% Grassed beef
  • Fat: Unsweetened, Unsulphured Coconut Chips
  • Carbs: Unsweetened, Unsulphured Dried Pineapple
  • No Added Hormones
  • No Soy
  • No Gluten or Grain
  • No Preservatives

The Macro Nutrient on these is  10.8 oz ,1156 Cal, 60 g Protein, 108 g Carbs, 60 g Fat. You can pick up 3 packs for $49, which comes out to $16.33 an MRE. Yes I know that’s more than buying Military MRE’s or Mountain house meals. MRE’s are not really food though and I’m not willing to eat all the chemicals in Mountain House.


Carne Bar
Carne Bar


This was amazing to eat. I took it with my the other day while I was away from home doing some shooting and podcast recording. I knew I would not be home and needed some good food to take with me. The Jerky was tender and delicious, the pineapple was like candy crack and the coconut was crunchy and tasty. My favorite might have been the pineapple and I’m glad there was not more or I could have become addicted and started stealing VCR’s for pineapple money.


Grass Fed Jerky
Grass Fed Jerky


These would be great on Hiking, camping trips or even bugging out. They require no heating up so you can eat these on the go. The calorie count on these is really close to 1,200 which is enough to sustain life if you ate just one a day. You will not be full but you will be alive. If your being very active the macro nutrient ratios in these should work out good and give you the fuel you need. At home I would prefer to eat stored food but these would shine in a on the move food item. Combined with the Carne bars you have a perfect Bug Out Combo.

The Bad

The only thing I don’t like about them is how carb heavy they are. At 108 grams of carbs that’s about how many I eat in a week usually. They do have a Keto Mre as well which much more closely fits my needs. Not everyone is keto though and I still stick with this shinning in a bug out or hiking scenario. These are not good for sitting around the house snacking. If you are being extremely active and need to fuel that activity with optimal nutrition these are perfect.


I’m very happy I got the chance to try these out. I plan on buying some for future camping dates planned. I’ll probably grab the Keto MRE because I plan to relax while camping. I’d like to give a big thanks to Robb and John for making these and sending me some.


What’s in your bug out bag for food? Do you stick to healthy food? Whats your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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7 thoughts to “Well Food Co Paleo MRE”

  1. Thank you for this information! I’m not Paleo, but I’ve been having increasing MSG (and all its killer cousins like maltodextrin and soy lectin) reactions lately. I was recently looking at the ingredients in power bars, jerky, and the like and thinking I’d have to just give up eating them. Thank you for the information about well food company, I looked at their products and am going to try some out. I don’t camp much, but having good and ‘safe’ food I carry with me and eat while traveling for business will be so awesome. Thank you again!

  2. Don’t forget that a typical MRE is usually heavy in carbs anyways; they’re designed to keep you fueled when your exhausting your body of energy during long hours in the field.

  3. I love reading your articles! I have Tanka meat sticks in my bag. And Vega drink powder (not quite Paleo). Can you tell me the expiration date on these Paleo-ish MREs please?

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