Indivisible: With Justice For Some Review

A few months ago I was contacted by author Troy Grice to see if I was interested in reviewing his new book Indivisible: With Justice For Some. The story is about a partial US collapse and implementation of excessive rule of law by the federal government. The author is definitely either a libertarian or full on anarchist. This has caused some strife with pro Military and LEO organizations. In the authors own words

“It has taken some flak from law-and-order zealots and military worshippers for its gritty portrayal of extra-judicial police violence, and the military’s hardened attitude when it comes to occupying America and suppressing revolt. But I think those who are not enamored with romanticized notions of police and military will find it raises challenging moral questions.”

After reading the book I can’t say I agree with the haters. Let’s jump into the review and show you why you should pick up this book.



The Synopsis

The story is about a partial collapse triggered by a Japanese liquidity crisis. As the dollar collapses and mass inflation runs rampant civil unrest begins to spread. With this going on the government becomes more and more totalitarian as they try to maintain control. Eventually US troops are turned on the citizens to control riots and protests. The story focuses on a moral soldier, corrupt sheriff, diplomat an a father as their lives converge during the chaos.

The Good

At first I could see the point of some about how the book comes off as very anti LEO/ MIL. This impression was strong in the early chapters. It was not every member of the police and military in the book though. There were some really horrible people in here. The Sheriff was a real piece of work. There was an equal number of caring great people as well though. That to me is a accurate description of life. I have some police and military friends that are amazing people. In a collapse I know they would do the right thing to serve and protect the people and uphold their oaths. I have also met some lying pricks in law enforcement. That’s life and this book shows an accurate portrayal of that.

The Bad

Some the the writing in the early chapters was inconsistent. It swapped from high brow prose to vulgar ranting. Not that I mind foul language but the contrast but both writing types clashed badly for me. It quickly hit its rhythm though and became consistent. I also wanted more back story on some of the characters. I felt no real connection with the father in the book. I didn’t know much about him and had a hard time caring about his situation.


I feel this book has one of the most realistic portrayal of a collapse. The government is not going to just dry up and go away during a collapse. The have the most powerful military on the planet and will absolutely use it. Expect them to grow more and more totalitarian. There is hope though. When the order to open fire on American people  comes dissension will grow quickly. There are too many moral soldiers for that to work for long. I really en joyed this book and recommend you picking up a copy. If you want a free one though I’m doing a contest. If you are a subscriber and are the first person to email me your shipping info you will get a free copy from Prepper Press.


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