Winter Ready

Entertainment For A Disaster For You And Kids |episode 39

Winter Ready
entertainment for a Disaster


Join a tired James and a sick Mike today as we delve into entertainment for a disaster. No one wants to be bored during a disaster. Historically during the worst times, people have sought out entertainment more. During the great depression, movie attendance went up.

In addition to this podcast is a blog post I wrote on Bug Out Games and entertainment. Which covers bug in games and bug out games. 

One that I forgot to mention in the blog post was conflicted the card game. Which certainly belongs in your preps. 


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Farrakhan race war

Is America Headed Towards A Race War?

Yesterday I ran out of podcasts to listen to while driving back from Dual Homestead. I turned on my local conservative talk radio station. They were still talking about Fergusson. Why is this still being talked about. I myself have tried to avoid the case altogether. I’ve heard a bit about it. It has nothing to do with me so I am worrying about more important things.

Things are not ending with the grand jury decision. The evidence showed no criminal actions on the officers part. He even resigned over the mess. His life is over for doing his job. Protest are still going on. And worse. Is America headed towards a race war?

Farrakhan race war

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Maxpedition cyber monday deals

Cyber Monday Deals 12/1/2014

I’m scouring the web looking for deals for you guys right now. I’m still looking for the best deal I can find on an Eotech sight. If you see any good deals share them in the comments.


Maxpedition cyber monday deals

Maxpedition has a 25% off storewide sale going on.


Sponson Freedom Munitions is doing free shiping.



Trek Light, my favorite hammock,  is doing 30% off almost everything. Get there and get a hammock now.


Rei is having up to 40% off sale.


Emergency Essentials is have some real good deals. I especially saw some good ones for meat combos.