Silver Dimes

The Best Trick To Get Silver

I’ve seen a million ways and tricks online to get pre 64 silver. In an effort to test them out and pass it along to all of you I’ve tested most of them. I’ve tried getting change from small laundry mats, getting rolls of half dollars and so on. I’ve failed to get any silver with any of those methods. Not one single silver dime, Between reading and thinking about my resources though I figured out a trick that has been bringing me a few silver pieces a week for face value. This trick is in no means should be your primary way to invest in silver. It is too uncertain and random. Leaving such an important part of your financial planing to chance is stupid. I would rather you head to JM Bullion or a local coin shop. As an addition to your silver purchases though this is great. Since I’m not an annoying fear mongering email marketer I’m going to tell you all about my trick for free! Let’s get into the details so you can start adding silver for face value.
Silver Dimes
Silver Dimes
Is America Free

Is America Really Free?


I was listening to a Paul Wheaton Podcast recently about Sepp Holzer and how pissed he (Sepp) was about how other countries have much less litigation. In this podcast I found out that making ponds, and lakes, on your own land requires tons of permits from several departments. If you make one anyway they might see it on Google Earth and come make you sad. This blew me away, I could not believe there are laws about putting in a freaking pond. This got me doing a little researching on what freedoms other countries have that we do not. Mostly I came across a lot of idiots on forums that believe that “Free” Healthcare and Education is freedom. Not when you are being taxed to death to pay for those things. More laws never equal more freedom. I dismissed those morons but did manage to find some freedoms that we do not have. Let me share with you a few things that our neighbors can do that we can’t
Is America Free
Is America Free

YouTube Roundup

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately and found a few great new channels to watch. You can definitely see a theme in the channels in this list. I’ve been watching a lot on off grid home and building. You might even say I’m obsessed with it. Let’s get into the list so you can start enjoying them.

PRN Guest Appearance

Up today I have my recent guest appearance on PRN hosted by Dave from the Shepherd school. The interview is mostly about paleo prepping with some DIY thrown into the mix.  Also I want to apologize for the recent lack of updates. My laptop is in it’s death throws and I couldn’t write. I’m on a borrowed one at the moment until I can replace or fix mine. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new article so enjoy the podcast.

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Survival Punk is a blog created by James Burnette. James takes a rational, creative approach to self-reliance, applying a punk DIY ethic to survivalism without any of the fear mongering or “tinfoil hattery” found in some other areas of the survivalist movement.The Survival Punk blog covers a huge range of his projects, both success and failures along with a healthy bit of myth busting. He also provides a ton of dirt cheap creative solutions to common prepping needs and does a great job of integrating the paleo lifestyle with the prepping lifestyle.

Teeth Rot


Up today I have a guest post from my friend Dr. House on survival dentistry. I knew he would be able to cover the topic without going covering topics best left for those that want to go to dental school. He knocked out a great article, I enjoyed and and know you will too!


By Sherman A. House DDS

Summing up the amount of training required to completely manage a dental emergency into one article is like trying to give you plans to build a space shuttle using only items found below your kitchen sink…it’s possible, just not very probable. I spent 10 years in a university, a medical college, and at the hospital to learn all of this stuff and it’s surrounding cloud of minutiae to learn how to fix most anything that can happen to your teeth and jaws, but, managing a dental emergency in a survival situation as a layperson IS possible!
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