Top Ten Survival Songs For TSHTF

I put together a little list of what I feel are the ten most popular Survival Songs. All of them relate to survival and the apocalypse. This list is pretty varied from many music genres. I had trouble stopping the list at ten survival songs. I could have kept going. So I might throw in some honorable mentions at the end.

Even though the list is eclectic the survival songs are enjoyable. I have 80’s pop, classic rock and country music on the list. Even though I was born and raised in Nashville I can’t stand country music. Not to say I have never heard a country song I like. It is rare though.

Many of these survival songs are old. Older than me and many of you. They all have a timeless feel though.  They are as relevant today as they were when  recorded. The lessons they provide still as important. Most importantly these survival songs are entertaining. You might not love them all like me but you will be able to listen to them all.

musician Henry Rollins Survival Songs
Musician Henry Rollins

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Evernote App for Survival

Today I have a quick product you should be using. It’s Evernote and its a note app and much more. I heard about the app in a blog or a book and decided to give it a try. I’ve yet to fully use all the potential of Evernote but love it for what it can do. Let me tell you why you should be using it in your daily life and what benefits it has for us preppers.

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WANTED: the Dreaded Tomato Hornworm


Last week we went to OK to visit my parents. This is what we came home to:


Sad Little Plant


What could cause all of this damage in one week?  Tomato Hornworms. The bane of my (gardening) existence. Seriously.



We have dealt with these bastards for two years now. Last year was worse than the first. They are ugly, mean, fat and juicy. Ech. They can obliterate a plant overnight. They will attack you.

If you have tomatoes (they like pepper plants, too) you need to be en gaurde. Look for branches that suddenly have no leaves, the tell-tale sign. When they first pop out, they are nearly impossible to see, so unless you are blessed with eagle eyes and the patience of Job, you will probably see the destruction before you find any worms.

These things are excellently camouflaged, and occasionally I’ll spot one without much searching, but the best way I know to locate them is to let the poo lead the way. They drop a trail of bumpy, cube-ish, green (fresh) to dark brown poo. They are usually clinging to the undersides of the leaves, so I pop a squat, find the poo, and look up. Once you find a few, they are pretty easy to spot.


(Tomato Hornworm Egg / Out of Focus Poo/ Hatched Egg)


I have a recipe for a hot pepper spray you can use to deter them, but once you have them, the easiest and most effective thing you can do to get rid of them is to pick them off. I recommend kitchen tongs, because I wasn’t kidding…they will reach back and attack you. And I am squeamish. A lot of gardeners squish them, but if you’re like me and can’t, pluck them off with then tongs and drop them into a jug of soapy water. They will drown quickly. Don’t make the mistake of setting it aside and forgetting about it. You will pay for it with the constant smell of death. Everywhere.


1 tsp Tabasco Sauce
4 cloves of Garlic
1 Quart Water

Combine all ingredients and blend well in a blender. Strain through cheesecloth before pouring into your sprayer. This is very important as a clogged up sprayer is very annoying.


Keep your eyes peeled!!

Meals For the Week

Another week means more meals for the week.  I mixed it up a bit this week by increasing the vegetable portions. Also I’m splitting up the meals into smaller containers. It reheats faster and more thoroughly that way. I can also mix it up by eating something different for lunch and dinner. So let’s get into what I’ll be eating this week

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The Importance Of Training

Today I’m going to go into a the importance of getting proper training. I don’t just mean in the world of firearms either. Though that should be one of your top priorities. I’m talking about not trying to completely self teach yourself everything. Let me show you why you should try to find an instructor over a book.

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