Building Community

Today I’m going to talk about the importance of building a community. The process I went through to build my community and some of the benefits you can get some building an amazing community. I’ll share my pitfalls with you so you avoid making the same mistakes.

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Para Cord Sandal

So I had been thinking about alternatives to commercially manufactured foot ware for a while. Something easy and made from either stuff lying around or an abundant resource. I’m still kicking around the idea of a tire shoe/ sandal. Inspiration struck when I was watching a Japanese show (anime) called Bleach. The main character wore a pair or sandals that looked like they were made from woven rope. I researched it and indeed they are real. They are known as Waraji 草鞋 and are made from straw rope and were the traditional footwear for the common people of Japan as well as the samurai and foot soldiers. So I was thinking if it’s woven rope I’ll try to make a waraji from paracord. Let me show you how.


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Zombies as a Gateway Drug

Ok so today I have a fun article for you.  It’s about Zombies! Everyone loves zombies right? I going to show you how zombies can become a gateway to the prepping world.  How you can use cheesy movies as resource for becoming more self reliant and a better person in general. All this from bad movies you say? Yes! Let me show you the path I took to turn my love of zombies fiction into a responsible lifestyle.


Photo by JamesrDoe via Flickr

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