Laundry Part II: Fabric Softener

Another quick and simple post!

We ran out of softener recently and I figured, if I make my own detergent, why not make softener?  After consulting the great Google, I found this article.  As with the detergent, there are many variations…y’know, experiment.

6 cups water
3 cups white vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner


  • Pour all of the ingredients into a 1 gallon jug. Stir or slosh around to mix. Shaking will create bubbles.
  • Use as you would store bought softener. If you prefer dryer sheets, spray a washcloth with the softener and pop it in the dryer.

That’s it!!

I’m not sure how it happened, but we have a surplus of conditioner, so this was an excellent find for me.  You can use any conditioner you like the scent of, and I would guess the cheaper, simpler brands would work better.  You don’t need stuff like panthenol (it coats) or straightening ingredients.  If you clip coupons, you can get Suave super cheap if you use one during a sale.  Even if you don’t it’s still cheap.

What should I write about next week?  Do you guys like cleaning tips and recipes?  Or move on to another subject?  I’ve amassed a lot of information, but of course, I would like to write about stuff people are interested in.  Leave a comment!

Toe Shoes

I was curious about the toe shoe crave that’s going around. I have not been pro barefoot since a child so this was a big change. The move in my life to be more primitive and paleo-esque however led me to them. So while kicking around the Idea I came across a pair of Filia Skeletoes in a thrift store for $14. I tried them on and the fit like a glove…and were in my favorite colors too.

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Benefits of a Cheat Day



Today I’m going to talk about Cheat Day. What is cheat day? One day out of the week I break my strict paleo diet and go hog-wild. In the past I’ve always eventually broke the diet and then getting back on from an unplanned diet is hard. The guilt associated with breaking from the diet is terrible too. So now I plan for it. There are some very good reasons why you should too. I’ll also tell you how taking breaks from most things brings you back with a stronger passion.

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Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Review

After a week or so of testing I’m going to review my work Sharp tool and knife Sharpener (WSKTS).

When you get a Work sharp it comes with the WSKTS,instruction manual, DVD, guides and two sets of abrasive belts. It comes with a guide for kitchen knives and one that does most other knives, scissors and the back of a serrated knife. There is no guide for sharpening a scandi grind blade however. Scandi’s are the easiest to sharpen though. And I’ll be experimenting on sharpening a mora on the WSKTS without a guide to see if it can be done.

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