Baking in the Bathroom – Baking Soda and Vinegar


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I have a natural inclination towards all things homemade and “green” which has really blossomed since I’ve become an adult, and
even more recently, started a family. I enjoying trying new recipes and finding substitutes for staples around the house.
The easiest way to make cleaning products and toiletries more natural and much cheaper is to pull from your kitchen. Who
needs Comet when you have baking soda? Spa products are easy to make with a few simple staples. You will save money, save
space, and save the world! by spending a little time making these things at home.

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Winchester Manual Chainsaw

A few weeks ago while I was hiking with James and Mike from Skills and Gear James let me try out his Winchester Manual Chainsaw. I’ve seen and tried the other  wire saw’s and am always disappointed. Well with this one I was blown away by how  well it performed. I tore through a downed tree branch on the trail. With how easy it cut and how light it is I decided I had to get one. Mike likes OpsGear on facebook and let me know about a deal they had on them for $7.99. I couldn’t resist it and got one. This past weekend I had a chance to get out and give it a try.

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Meals for the Week Paleo Style

Every week I cook a weeks worth of lunches for work week. It saves me money and allows me to stick to the diet. The diet in this case is the Paleo Diet. I’ve been more or less on it for a year with a bit too much off. To ensure I am sticking to it I precook healthy meals at home. This week I’m making Ribeye steaks with a sautéed brussel sprouts, Taco meat on kale with home-made salsa, Chicken thighs and cauliflower curry and Pork chops with broccoli and cauliflower with a mustard sauce. Sound fancy smancy but it’s cheaper than eating out for the week and easy. I spent about an hour cooking four delicious meals. Let me some you how.

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Pathfinder Trade Knife


I got a chance to take out the new Pathfinder trade knife from Habilis Bush Tools designed by Dave Canterbury. The knife is made from 1095 high carbon steel. The blade length is 5 inches long for an overall length of 9 1/2 inches. It features a 1/8″ thick blade. The handle scales are tiger orange G-10 with holes for making a spear and a bow drill divot. The blade come with a con-vexed scandi grind. The knife come with a handmade leather sheath. Its 100% made is the U.S.A. All that for a $99 price tag!

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Buck Hoodlum survival knife

Buck Hoodlum review

Finally at long last I review my Buck Hoodlum designed by the legendary Ron Hood. I wanted to use this hard before reviewing. This is a big knife with a blade length of 10 inches and an overall length of 15 and 1/2 inches.The knife weighs 14.6 oz but feels even less than that. It’s made of 5160 carbon steel powder coated for rust resistance.The Hoodlum comes with removable canvas micarta handles. Inside the handles the handle is hollowed out making Ron’s Shock mitigation system.   Come with a nice MOLLE compatible sheath.Best of all its made in the U.S.A!

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