Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead Project

I’ve talked about going off grid recently but have not shared many details. Today I’ll talk about it a bit more and share some pictures and videos with you. I just got back from two days out at Dual Homestead with some friends. We got a ton of work done out there. A ton more needs done. I’m tired and sunburned. Seeing the progress though is a great. When I first saw the land I was staggered by all that needs  done to it. We will truly be carving a life from the land. While not perfect the land had many great properties working for it. So let’s talk a bit more about the project and how you can stay up to date with Dual Homestead.


Dual Homestead
Dual Homestead


Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead is a joining of forces. Dave from the Shepherd School and I are the Dual Homesteaders. It is a rare mix of perfect circumstances that have happened. We are going to both homestead a nearly 6 acre piece of land in rural Tennessee. We both bring different points of views to the project. I’m more punk rock anarchist. He’s country music conservative. I want to heal the land with permaculture and live in tune with nature. He wants to use modern agriculture to grow row crops and escape the rat race. We both want the land to be productive and sustainable. How will our differences affect the projects? Can we overcome our differences to make Dual Homestead a food oasis? Or will kill each other trying?


Dual Homestead
Dual Homestead


Dave and I both have YouTube Channels already. Dave spends more time on Youtube than I and has many great videos. With the project there is a new channel for Dual Homestead. There are already several videos on it to enjoy. We will be posting some videos on our own channels. When I move down I will be shooting daily quick update videos. To let you guys know about the daily life of an off grid homesteader. We will be shooting longer form videos for the Dual Homestead channel. Stay tuned to see us make this land beautiful and productive.



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